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Online Marketing for South African Companies

In this article you going to learn and discover how you as a South African Business maximize profits and ROI on Online Marketing for your business.

This Article is going to educate you on how to go about your online marketing for a South African Company,

Notice I mention Online Marketing for a South African Company. The reason why I mention Online Marketing for a South African Company not just Online Marketing. This is because Online Marketing is a global industry.

What is important to understand is that the tools and strategies used for Online Marketing are for global scale not just Online Marketing in South Africa.

You don’t have to wait for 2020 to start seeing returns on your online marketing as a company in South Africa although this means you start now by then you are a leader.

This is how you gain profits short term online marketing in South Africa, first if you really serious about online marketing, which you should as Bill Gates has sad if your business in not on the Internet you are planning to fail in the future and this is true considering the growth of the number users of the Internet even in South Africa.

You should get people who really understand more about online marketing for South Africa not just creating a website. Doing it on your own really is setting up yourself for failure as this industry of online marketing changes by day.

The key on  whoever is going to assist you with online marketing needs to take into consideration your location and the current positions of users for your target market on online marketing in South Africa then the areas you target. What I really mean by this is that some tools or platforms that might be the current trends for online marketing in a global scale might be useless in South Africa and most definitely in the

First in for most, I would like to introduce myself my name is Luke Klass I am a Marketing/Digital and Business Consultant. I have graduated in Marketing 8 years ago and been in Marketing/Business and Digital industry for more than 6 years, worked for some Advertising and Online Marketing Companies in South Africa. I have also worked with very innovative Entrepreneurs in South Africa who have come up with great concepts and made millions using the Internet.

Understanding Online Marketing as a Company in South Africa.

  1. The rest of the world like most Developed countries, for example European Countries, still are far ahead in terms of users of online tools, Online Shopping, Social Media and the Internet etc. We are seeing a rapid increase in South Africa in terms of Online Tools, Online Shopping, Social Media and the Internet which great news in fact research suggests that by 2020 most people in South Africa will be making more use of the Internet than the current numbers. This great news because it means you as a business Owner or company can dominate in online marketing and maximize profits on the long run.

2, Short term gains on Online Marketing.

areas you are targeting your online marketing. Saw most people come to me and say I paid this amount and got no results, this is very common because the strategies used are often applying on a global scale but not on the companies demographics and Geographic’s for online marketing, this is how as well to tell if a company or person can assist you. If they do not take these into consideration when you doing you’re online marketing then you not going to see results.

They might have packages for Online Marketing but it will always depend on your requirements and the 4Ps, which are Product, Place, Price and Promotion. All these will allow you to determine which tools to use, there’s no use to focus on Social Media like Facebook if in your area your product does not appeal to an audience on Facebook although you can start an awareness campaign but this will be different from a lead or selling campaign.

Another example if you are a small company and are relying for your online marketing on Google Ads for example this will be difficult especially if your product or service in that area has a number big companies also doing online marketing using Google Ads this means they will use more money which will mean your Google ads will not be successful

For example Gumtree is a very popular platform for online marketing in South Africa where most businesses post adverts. We have seen a change in the way the company operates from adverts used to be totally free but over the year’s payment features keep on being added and prices which goes back to the example I made on leads.

It is good to make use of this platform for your online marketing as a company or business owner in South Africa but to really see Returns you need to understand what you are doing when posting adverts on Gumtree for example.

When you post an advert for example to boost your online marketing and clients you hoping someone that goes to gumtree finds you, this means somebody that does not go on gumtree can’t find you. My question with such a big platform for your online marketing why limits your business.

Best way to maximize online marketing with platforms such as Gumtree you need to structure your ads that people outside gumtree finds your business.

3, you need to understand exactly what you want to achieve and understand the market in the areas you target when applying your Online Marketing.

  1. Tools to use for your Online Marketing as a company in South Africa.

I come across a lot of companies who say I just want leads, ok let’s say we get you leads and if the company that provides you with leads decides to change their business model let’s say charge more for the leads or  close business, you back to square one.

Here is a brilliant idea how are about all this time on your online marketing you build, have a database that can refer you clients and along the way in your online marking convert those people into sales this way you have control and you can measure and track results you don’t have to stop buying leads but this way its more powerful for your online marketing.

Also note that the most used platforms for online marketing in the areas you target, you need a strategy around them to convert sales.

applying grow hacking strategies which require people who knows what they are doing.

Conclusion: Build a strong online marketing database of potential clients, leads and have someone who understands online marketing in South Africa to assist you. Do not waste time in trying out everything because there are somethings that will not work and some will although some you have to test them. Even to testing you need someone with understanding on how to run test. The several tests you run by applying grow hacking strategies which require people who knows what they are doing.

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  • We offer clients 60 day money back guarantee if they do not see improvement on their digital marketing
  • Every business than we provide digital marketing solutions is based on their market and requirements, we treat every project with its unique objective request.
  • We are focused on results than price for digital marketing
  • We have applied digital marketing strategies to several industries such as Tree Felling, Appliance Repairs, Dstv Installer, Plumbers, Carpentry, Paving & Asphalt, Private Colleges to mention a few saw we have made mistakes and came to a conclusion on which strategies work.
  • Simple steps we show you on what to expect for your digital marketing