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About Us

Welcome to Bizzfinder.co.za South Africa Business and Online Directory.

Bizzfinder.co.za is officially powered by IZWELETHU NETWORKS PTY LTD established in 2014 Upcoming Digital Marketing Agency making its mark in the South African market and Africa.

Since 2015 the company has been developing some ideas and strategies to help companies perform better especially on the internet and connect them with the audience they target. There came the introduction of Bizzfinder.co.za

The Online Business Directory South Africa  will not only list your company but will ensure that potential customers get to know about your services and products you provide without you paying extra for advertising.

What you will discover inside the bizzfinder.co.za is a community of buyers and sellers browsing the website on a daily basis, people looking for suppliers, businesses looking for suppliers and services including government institutions.


The Bizzfinder.co.za is distributed to key decision makers in the listed categories,also to potential buyers of goods and services of all companies included, then also a print booklet available to all the key decision makers mentioned. Think about it a government departments as an example looking for a supplier in a certain area and our booklet and app happens to be where they are looking chances of getting business is high as they also receives bizzfinder.co.za booklet and app and well marketed.

The aim of Bizzfinder.co.za, very simple all the companies in the bizzfinder.co.za , must be getting clients to their door step, and to achieve. We have a certain amount of companies to include in each category and area saw that they get the business, we care about the profit of the companies listed and growth not the other way round, first we can about your growth as company then us.When you grow it means we doing a great job then will grow.


Bizzfinder.co.za yes its a fairly new platform however the

intention and vision will take your company to greater heights as best online business directory in South Africa, you be the best service provider.